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Participating in GSoC

We have two main requirements for students participating in GSoC with us:

  1. You should be a contributor to one of the projects; you can start your first contribution anytime if you haven’t done already.
  2. You’ll need to provide a detailed project execution plan, covering what you think needs to be done, and how long you think you’ll need to spend at each stage during GSoC.

Any of our mentors can offer you guidance and feedback on the above. Try to pick mentors who’re listed on the project that is most like your contribution or project plan.

In the end, we may select our students not only on the above, but on a host of other factors. This may include skill level, suitability for the project, availability of suitable mentors for your skill level / geography / language, etc.

If you are not selected to officially participate in GSoC, but you still wish to contribute, then please do! These are big and well-loved projects, and your contributions will be visible and helpful to many.

Participate in Portia

All Portia development happens at GitHub Portia repo. If you’re interested in participating in GSoC 2018 as a student, visit the Portia repository and join the discussion on a relevant project or raise a new issue for a project that interests you (remember to label it appropriately!).

Participate in Scrapy

If you’re interested in participating in GSoC 2018 as a student, contributing to Scrapy, you can join our community on Reddit or jump directly into a relevant issue on the GitHub Scrapy repo. If you start a new issue to discuss a possible project, be sure to name and label your issue to make it clear it’s a GSoC project.